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Synthetic Model Heads Set 2

I'm excited to share the news about a new set of Synthetic Model Heads, now available in the Elements shop. Feel free to explore these interesting additions and enjoy experimenting with your creativity.

In exploring two different model heads from the new set, combining them with elements from the Bad Boy Ink Brush set, I discovered how versatile these brushes can be. The way the model heads and brushes work together is fun and inspiring, and I made a speed video to show how well they work together. You can watch this video below to see the process.

I want to highlight that my videos and insights are geared towards those who are familiar and know their way around Photoshop. For beginners, I highly recommend the Photo Artistry Course by Sebastian Michaels. This course is designed to help newcomers learn the basics of Photoshop and gain essential tips and techniques to confidently start creating their own artistic images.

Speed Video (hover over video and click on top left icon to enlarge the video)

2 Collages created with the Synthetic Model Heads Set 2 and Bad Boy Ink Brushes now available in my shop.

Please note that some special effects and backdrops in the above images are from collections that I am currently developing in AI Midjourney and will be made available in the near future. If you are interested in purchasing Synthetic Model Heads Set No.2 and/or Bad Boy Ink Brushes, please following these links:

Thank you for requesting the 2nd Model Head collection and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comment section below.

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Hello Marius, I really enjoyed your speed edit! Did I see you use a bird shaped brush on some of your layer masks? Very intriguing. I liked that this shows how many times one can try different elements before settling on ones we like. Penny :)

Replying to

Perfect! Thanks Marius! :)

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