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18th Century Idiosyncrasies

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

"Liberation in Flight" and "Enchanting Odyssey" reflect my take on Pop Surrealism. Though unsure if they perfectly align with the genre, creating these artworks was a delight. The touch of sarcasm and twisted humour inherent in Pop Surrealism subtly manifests in these images, inspiring me to further explore this style in future creations.

Liberation in Flight

Enchanting Odyssey

18th Century Idiosyncrasies elements, synthetic models, backgrounds and textures are now available for you to explore and I am also ready for a much-needed break:). During this time of relaxation, I plan to draw inspiration from the beautiful landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, as nature, architecture, history, and diverse cultures serve as wonderful sources for my imagination.

Among my favourite elements in this collection are the vibrant birds, whose joyful colors I'm certain will make a return in my future projects. Embracing a bit of eccentricity and incoherence, this collection with oddities perfectly complement the themes of Pop surrealism. I genuinely hope you enjoy this unique assortment.

P.S. For best results, remember that overlays with black backgrounds often work exceptionally well with the 'Screen' blending mode, creating captivating special effects.

Your feedback is invaluable to me! If you've purchased elements from my shop, please take a moment to share your thoughts, helping me enhance and refine my products. Your support and readership are genuinely appreciated. Thank you!

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