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Digital Elements for Creatives. **This is a digital downloadable product only. No physical product will be shipped to you**

Water Special Effects

  • "Introducing a beauitful collection of water special effects set against captivating black backgrounds, ideal for enhancing your creative projects. Utilizing the screen blending mode in Photoshop's blending menu, these effects seamlessly integrate to create the luminous transparency of water, adding depth and realism to your designs.

    To achieve stunning results, simply follow these steps:

    • Open your desired image in Photoshop.
    • Import the water special effect onto a new layer above your image.
    • Ensure the special effect layer is positioned above your image layer in the layers palette.
    • Select the special effect layer, then navigate to the blending menu located above the layers palette.
    • Choose 'Screen' from the blending modes options.
    • Adjust the opacity and layer settings as needed to achieve your desired effect.
    • Experiment with layer masks and additional adjustments to further refine your composition.
    • Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of water seamlessly integrated into your creative projects.
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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

These are incredible. I have used them again and again for many composites

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