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Digital Elements for Creatives. **This is a digital downloadable product only. No physical product will be shipped to you**

Painterly Art Studio

  • Discover a playful assortment of painterly effects to elevate your digital art and collages. From abstract shapes to grunge textures, these effects add an authentic touch to your creations. Enhance the painterly feel further with canvas and painterly overlays. Enjoy experimenting!


    How to Use the Levels Tool in Photoshop incase you find some overlays and grunge textures to dark:


    • Open your image or artwork in Photoshop.
    • Navigate to the "Levels" tool by going to Image > Adjustments > Levels, or by pressing Ctrl + L (Cmd + L on Mac).
    • Adjust the levels by moving the sliders:
      • Move the black slider (left slider) to adjust the darkest areas of the image.
      • Move the white slider (right slider) to adjust the lightest areas of the image.
      • Adjust the midtones by moving the middle slider.
    • Fine-tune the brightness and contrast to your liking.
    • Apply the changes and observe the immediate effect on your image.
    • Experiment with different adjustments to achieve the desired look.
    • Have fun creating!
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